wishalyse. Our new machine learning project

Some days ago I could not fall asleep. I just get up and went to my living room with a cup of tea. I was thinking about this (machine learning) and that (machine learning). And yes, I would love to learn more about the topic, to understand better all the methods and so on. It’s a wish. So I was wondering what are other people’s wishes. I decided to conduct a machine learning project called wishalyse. The idea is simple. Collect as many wishes as possible from all over the world during one year and apply some machine learning methods to the collected data.

We will provide soon a Mobile App to let people easily tell their wishes. For now the wishes can be entered as a comment on our wishalyse blog.

Every month we will publish our analysis and code. The first milestone will be end of September 2012.

So, we need you. Start to tell the world your wishes and help us making our wishalyse project a success!

Thank you.


About Blattner

Head Laboratory for Web Science.
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