Galileo's Pendulum

Recently, I acquired a stack of books, papers, conference proceedings, and other scientific memorabilia, including the fake journal table of contents on the right. Though the material varied a lot in content and tone, I noted a lot of things in common: nearly every set of items emphasized a debate that was very significant at one time, but now is pretty much dead and buried. Though it’s intended to be humorous, the first three items in the Astrophysiological Journey (a parody of the prominent Astrophysical Journal) table of contents highlighted a real conflict in the cosmology community.

That conflict was over the rate of the expansion of the Universe. Since the 1920s, we’ve known that most galaxies are moving away from us, and the farther they are, the faster they seem to be receding. Though it took decades for many cosmologists to accept, eventually the evidence convinced the community…

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