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hd bbc – our lab local virtual hadoop cluster

When I finished (after few days) to install our local cluster I could finally get on this video on you tube. Nice video, cheers masterschema! But I’ll give here my little report in any case for the records. Lets start … Continue reading

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Sorting Cats with Hadoop and psort

This is my first “self” tutorial on hadoop mapreduce streaming. If you are really IT oriented you probably want to read (or any newer version). This post doesn’t add much to that document with respect to hadoop mapreduce streaming. Here I play a … Continue reading

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psort: Parallel sorting on the command line. An example.

I am in the process to understand hadoop and the map-reduce framework. This introductory line will be clarified with the next post, but keep in mind that in this post I am not seeking for the fastest sort but a … Continue reading

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