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The Role of Trends in Evolving Networks

Modelling complex networks has been the focus of much research for over a decade [1]-[3]. Preferential attachment (PA) [4] is considered a common explanation to the self organization of evolving networks, suggesting that new nodes prefer to attach to more … Continue reading

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HAM – Homotopy Analysis Method to explore non-linear dynamical systems

Most interesting phenomena in physics, social sciences, engineering, and other disciplines are highly non-linear. This limits the ability to analytically investigate such systems. Simulations of the dynamical processes are then the tool of choice to explore the system. However, it … Continue reading

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Recommender algorithm in Mathematica

This post is a bit geeky but never mind! In our Lab we are not defending a particular tool or method to code or to analyze data. We stick on the simple strategy: chose the tool fitting best the task! … Continue reading

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