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Big Data Workshop – Squeezing more out of Data

Das Laboratory for Web Science (LWS) der Fernfachhochschule Schweiz organisiert den Workshop “Squeezing more out of Data” zum Thema “Big Data”. Chancen und Risiken in Zusammenhang mit “Big Data” füllen inzwischen die Medien. Durch das Verknüpfen von verschiedenen Datenquellen wird … Continue reading

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One size fits all – no way!

Lately I attended a Big Data conference (Euroforum Big Data, Switzerland). The conference was nicely organized and the topics were interesting. Participants were mostly  from IT industry and from the list of participants one could expect rather executive-summary-style talks. Nothing … Continue reading

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The Role of Trends in Evolving Networks

Modelling complex networks has been the focus of much research for over a decade [1]-[3]. Preferential attachment (PA) [4] is considered a common explanation to the self organization of evolving networks, suggesting that new nodes prefer to attach to more … Continue reading

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WebScience 13: our contribution

We are pleased to announce that our paper “Preferential Attachment in Online Networks: Measurement and Explanations” has been accepted for the ACM Web Science Conference ( The paper was a joined work together with Jerome Kunegis from the University of Koblenz, … Continue reading

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Sorting Cats with Hadoop and psort

This is my first “self” tutorial on hadoop mapreduce streaming. If you are really IT oriented you probably want to read (or any newer version). This post doesn’t add much to that document with respect to hadoop mapreduce streaming. Here I play a … Continue reading

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psort: Parallel sorting on the command line. An example.

I am in the process to understand hadoop and the map-reduce framework. This introductory line will be clarified with the next post, but keep in mind that in this post I am not seeking for the fastest sort but a … Continue reading

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Recommender algorithm in Mathematica

This post is a bit geeky but never mind! In our Lab we are not defending a particular tool or method to code or to analyze data. We stick on the simple strategy: chose the tool fitting best the task! … Continue reading

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